Cathedral in Florence

The Brand

Benvenuto Espie Roche

With a focus on Italian craftsmanship, practicality and aesthetic perfection, Espie Roche creates pieces set to transcend seasons and generations. The debut collection sees an introduction to our Hero piece – The Arno Satchel – in a curated edit of five vibrant hues, available in both calf and precious skins.

Musicians in Florence


Introduces the hallmarks of an Espie Roche piece; discreet branding, timeless shapes and exquisite skins in a vibrant, playful colour palette.

Fresco ceiling

Bold yet discreet.
Playful yet sophisticated.
Modern yet timeless.

Swatches, Florence


Every detail of an Espie Roche piece has been carefully considered drawing inspiration from the art and architecture of the Centro Storico of Florence.

Ponte Vecchio, Florence

Behind the Brand

Founded by Hermione Espie Underwood and twins Airlie and Alexandra Roche Hamilton, the brand is named after their mothers’ maiden names, personifying the importance of la mamma Italiana – the soul of the family – and the transmission of her beautiful style, passion for excellence and pursuit of La Dolce Vita.